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仕事効率化 ライフスタイル
開発者 GV Mobile Partners Ltd

Hi-code reader is the APP that lets you scan Hi-Code, the new 100% digital signage code with images and text.
Hi-code is a revolution in the world of digital signage (like QR codes) because it is the first to offer the ability to be customized with images and text.
Finally, youll know what youre scanning before landing on the linked web page. Once scanned, you can also take advantage of discounts and offers about customized products and services and promotions.
The APP allows you to store your Hi-code, choose your favorites, share them with your friends and find the offers that interest you.
You can also create your own Hi-code for staff to stay connected with your friends. Upload your own photo or image that represents you and also enters you to be part of Hi-code generation!
Download the FREE APP and delivers Hi-code.
Learn how to create your Hi-code-free http://www.hi
Hi-code, SCAN & GO!